Sage Bionetworks EU is working with Sage Bionetworks to build a “commons” where clinical and genomic data can be shared, a computational space where models of disease can be cooperatively improved, and where  pilot projects can be undertaken that demonstrate the benefit from collective approaches to understanding biology.   Together, the two organizations are actively working to reduce the social, policy, legal, and technical obstacles that currently prevent the exchange of data and models among scientific communities.

The specific focus of Sage Bionetworks EU is to:

–       Collaborate with EU organizations and the EU leaders in developing models of disease;
–       Develop strategies to “activate citizens” so they can be more engaged in research and funding;
–       Coordinate scientists in Europe who wish to participate in this international Commons and to co-evolve new disease models;
–       Work in an international community to create governance and reward structures that support EU sharing;
–       Curate datasets with European partners to provide input for model building; and
–       Tap into the European labor force for skills/expertise not available elsewhere.

The efforts of both organizations aim to have citizens, scientists, and physicians become changemakers and see the world of health as an interconnected one with each performing multiple overlapping roles.